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      Application field of magnesium alloy

      Source: Xinyu Chen Technology Co. Ltd.   Time:2020-08-05 20:20:02

      The application of magnesium is mainly concentrated in three aspects: adding elements to aluminum alloy, preparing die casting and desulfurization of steel. The amount of magnesium used in die casting has exceeded 30% of the total amount of magnesium. Magnesium alloy die castings are widely used in the fields of electronics, automobile, aerospace and so on. Table 1 shows the application scope of magnesium alloy parts. The consumption of magnesium alloy die-casting parts in the automotive industry accounts for more than 80% of the magnesium used in die-casting. Therefore, the research and development of die-casting of magnesium alloy auto parts will directly affect the application and development of magnesium alloy. Magnesium alloys have been used in automobiles for many years. The production of automobile parts with magnesium alloy began in 1936 when the German Volkswagen Company launched beetle automobile. More than 18kg magnesium alloy was used in the engine and transmission system. By the early 1980s, Volkswagen had produced 19 million beetle cars, using about 380000 tons of magnesium alloy. In the 1980s, due to solving some technical problems such as corrosion resistance of magnesium alloy, the application of magnesium alloy has been greatly developed. Especially since the late 1980s, with the decline of magnesium alloy price, the increase of human demand for oil, the attention to environmental problems and the development of energy conservation and emission reduction, the development and application of magnesium alloy, a green environmental protection material, have been promoted. From the application and development of magnesium alloy in the three major American automobile companies, we can see the application and development trend of magnesium alloy in automobile field. In 1983, there were only five parts of magnesium alloy die castings used by three major American companies. In 1992, there were 30 parts for Ford and 45 parts for general use. Therefore, the development of magnesium alloy in the future will not only be widely used in the electronic industry, but also will be used in a large number of automobile and locomotive parts.


      Table 1 shows the application fields of magnesium alloys






      Aircraft: fuselage, engine


      Missile, space exploration: rocket, launch pad, satellite and exploration, jet engine


      Instruments: gyroscope, radome, radar parts and waveguide, electrical equipment


      Ground control device:


      Atomic energy industry: enclosure sealing device and auxiliary equipment


      Transportation: Automobile and truck: gearbox, crankcase, transmission box, oil pan, cylinder head, wheel hub, steering wheel


      Brake pedal bracket and lock housing


      Bicycles and motorcycles: chain cover, brake pad, front guide hood, engine parts, transmission case cover


      Logistics equipment: jaw chuck and transmission device, large agile tools, trolley


      Mechanical tools: chain saw and drilling rig, process equipment board, level instrument, etc


      Textile machine: high speed warp beam, control rod


      Printing: plate, roller, printing board


      Office supplies machine: typewriter parts, telex printer cover, computer, notebook computer


      Optical instruments: camera case, tape reel, camera, TV, projector


      Consumer goods: ladder, vacuum cleaner parts, chair, large luggage rack, glasses, hearing aid, car chair, crutch

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